Blank Panel

GrowV Trunking Rack

Castor Wheel

18U Floor Stand

3 Layer CCTV Console

6U Wall Mount

12U Wall Mount

42U Floor Stand Server Rack 19" Panel Mounting

15U Wall Mount


20 Gang IEC320 C13 10A Power Strip PDU, 4 Gang IEC320 C19 with 16Amp DP MCB,
Input : BS1363 13A Plug. Cable type: 3 X 2.5 mm2 X 2M, Alluminium Alloy Shell.

4 post Open Rack with Trunking

EgoV Trunking Rack

Single Layer

3 layer

3 layer Wall Mounted

GrowV Trunking Rack Series

CCTV Console Series

Cable Management Panel

GrowV 2 post Open Rack with Trunking


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